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Help- Letter for Border Crossings

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Hey folks! Four months to go until we depart from Winnipeg on our adventure!!! We decided it would be a good idea to type up a letter and have it translated into spanish to submit to border guards while travelling, explaining who we are, where we're coming from, where we're going, vehicle details etc. Just looking for input from people who have experience crossing borders in Central America with a vehicle- What other things would be good to include in this letter to avoid problems/confusion when crossing? Any input is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

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If you don't speak good

If you don't speak good spanish, that's a great idea!

Make / Model / Engine size in liters / Year

Days needed on the visa. Ask for the max. "Por favor da me el maximo dias por la visa" or something like that. Look at me it's been a few months and I'm getting rusty on the spanish.

Cops and borders will almost always ask you "where are you coming from" and "where are you going"... So make sure you learn those phrases.

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Thanks Robert!! I think I'll

Thanks Robert!! I think I'll make up a seperate letter for Costa Rica as well, as we'll be leaving our car their temporarily (in storage) while we continue into S. America for just under 2 months.

I have another question too actually, if you don't mind- I know that we'll need to get Mexican insurance before crossing the border from the US, will that insurance cover us throughout Central America, or do we need to get new "local" insurance whenever we cross into a new country? Muchos Gracias!! : )

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Mexico insurance only covers Mexico. You have to buy insurance at the border in Belize, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. For anywhere else, insurance isn't necessary and can be tricky to find. I got a policy through AIG, but that was before the world ran out of money. I got my policy from these guys: http://www.nelsoninternationalgroup.com/