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Safest US-MEXICO border point of entry

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Hello people!
Im planning to travel from New Mexico to Panama by car nex year, and my peeps and I were wondering which is the safest city/point of entry to Mexico from the US.
One of us got some info that Nuevo Progreso, Tamaulipas (southeast) is a safe place, but today we saw on the news a massacre of 72 immigrants around that area----
What do you recommend??

Thanks in advance!


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Progresso is being hailed as

Progresso is being hailed as the last great safe place. It's small and chill.

Honestly, you're fine crossing in. Cross, and get the hell out of the border area. There's no reason to screw around. I hadn't seen the report that there'd been any issues with security recently.

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Robert- Where is this

Robert- Where is this Progresso border crossing? We'll be crossing around January 7-10 2011, coming down the west coast of the US, wondering what our best bet would be? If we could stick to the western side that'd be great, but we'd definitely be willing to detour if safety was a concern. Appreciated as always!!

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Robert (not verified)

Progresso is in Texas -- off

Progresso is in Texas -- off the top of my head it's within 30 miles of Brownville / Matamoras, but it could be a little further. Texas side has Weslaco, Progresso, McAllen, Harlingen all right there together.


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Anonymous (not verified)

Crossing at Nogales is easy

Crossing at Nogales is easy and safe if you don't want to do Baja. The crossing at Tijuana is busy if you want to do Baja, but it isn't a big deal either. You won't have any trouble if you just cross and go, and don't do anything stupid like go looking for drugs in Juarez.

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past into mexico last week

we crossed on a sunday at lukeville az into sonoyta
all paper work done in less than 1.5 hour, not bad we thought
was the first time we crossed.

check out my blog www.jimandji.blogspot.com for more details