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Border in texas - reynosa

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happened today -- if you are crossing do so elsewhere until it calms down.


Mexico : Parts of the city of Reynosa were paralyzed on the afternoon of 3 August 2010 due to clashes between security forces and drug cartels; these were accompanied by roadblocks erected by cartel members, which are known locally as "narcoblockades." Local officials first alerted residents via Twitter at approximately 1400 local time about the presence of narcoblockades over parts of Hidalgo Boulevard. Sections of Morelos Boulevard, 20th Street and Maestro Boulevard were also closed off. Detonations and weapons fire were heard throughout the city, and officials directed residents to avoid Hidalgo Boulevard between the baseball park and the Periferico commercial plaza. The clashes lasted until approximately 1800 local time, but army troops kept parts of Hidalgo Boulevard closed until 2000 local time. No official casualty figures are available, but local sources indicate that at least five cartel members were killed in one of the clashes and that three civilian bystanders sustained gunshot wounds.