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Scuba Question

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Got the new Lonely Planet Central America on a Shoestring today, have had a tough time putting it down lol!! Definitely planning on doing some diving, and was reading that Honduras is one of the most affordable places on earth to get certified. So my question is, is scuba certification valid globally? If I'm certified there, will it exempt me from having to do it anywhere else during my travels in Central/South America? If so I'll hold off doing any diving until after we've passed throught there, just to save money where I can. Thanks for any feedback or advice! Cheers

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In my experience, as long as

In my experience, as long as the operation certifying you is accredited by PADI, it doesn't matter where you do it. I know of at least two outfits in Panama that cater to gringos who want to do their certification dives in places where they can actually see farther than ten feet.

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I was certified in Honduras

I was certified in Honduras -- Roatan is the more expensive island and Utila is the backpackers island. I went with Deep Blue Divers and it was cool. Their outift is conveniently located between two waterfront bars!

But, yes, you're PADI certified, you're certified.

This is their "resort" website, http://www.deepblueutila.com/index.php but get off the ferry, turn left, and go a few blocks and it's on the left for the "normal" diveshop.

Aha, here's a better link: http://www.aboututila.com/ScubaInfo/Dive-Shops/Deep-Blue-Divers/index.htm

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Great!! Thanks so much for

Great!! Thanks so much for taking the time!! Cheers : )