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Guatemala/Honduras border crossing

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Hey everybody,

I'm in the first stages of planning a trip from the east coast of the US to Panama, and something I haven't been able to get the most current information on is whether there is still a border crossing from Guatemala to Honduras at Corinto. Does anyone know if it's still there? If so, any experience with it? I'm not really trying to spend a *lot* of time sightseeing in that area, but if there's another crossing that's much, much better I'd probably go out of my way to get to it. Any insights would be much appreciated.



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Was there something you heard

Was there something you heard that led you to think it would be closed?

Cool trip -- post all the details you can!

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I think so...

I think I heard something about it possibly being closed, but now I really can't remember what it was. It might just be that nobody seemed to be talking about crossing there - everyone was going further south. Also, I don't actually see a road that goes to Corinto on maps I've seen, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

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Hey man, when do you plan on

Hey man, when do you plan on heading down? I live in South Carolina right now for the time being. I am looking to roll down to central america. You got room? Maybe we can make some plans? I would drive my car down there, and sell it. I am looking to leave in early October. If not see you on the road man. Cheers.