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California to Costa Rica

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Hi everyone, this is my first post, but I have been reading through these posts for a few days now. One of my best friends (he is spanish, so he will be our translator) and I are heading south in a week, we are planning on leaving May 27th. We will be driving from Los Angeles to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. We have been planning the trip for a few months now. We are going to head down the pacific coast, and stay as close to the coast as possible all the way down, although we will be going around el salvador just to avoid a border crossing. We dont want to rush the trip but we also want to spend a good amount of time in costa rica. we are planning on driving back, and need to be back in the states by aug. 7.

Wondering if anyone knows about how long this trip should take, if we arent driving ALL THE TIME and just do a nice enjoyable drive down? I was also wondering if anyone else was going to be driving down there around the same time?

Any suggestions and advice is very much appreciated!

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May 27 to Aug 7, let's see

May 27 to Aug 7, let's see that's almost 2.5 months... You'll be fine! Perfect planning. Someone must be a teacher, or in college for that time period to be the timing! ;)

You're going to encounter more rain than you'd like, but gotta go, gotta go! Post pics!