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California To Costa Rica .. .With a Kicker.... My Dog!

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Hey guys, I am a Network Administrator here in California and I am really sick of living here and I have made an educated decision to depart the US permanently for a better life in Costa Rica. I am driving down with a long time colleague of mine, and my dog. I am currently checking all the rules and regulations as far as what I have to do to get the dog through every country, but was wondering if there was something that might make all that paperwork easier. It seems pretty lame to have to file with each country when just passing through in a matter of hours. I am sure that there is no way around this but again was wondering if anyone had any past experience bringing an animal through all these countries and what they did. Also, is there a better way to get a travel vehicle permit than again, to have to file with each country? Thanks guys! - cwg138

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Spend some time (when you

Spend some time (when you have it) going through this forum, I can't recall exactly where but I've definitely read some accounts on here of people who've made the drive with dogs successfully. Good luck!!

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Jeff and his dog, Nota

Jeff and his dog, Nota

feature on drive the americas http://southboundhound.weebly.com/

check out his site i was reading and might be helpful to you

when you planning to leave?

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Please post your trip details!

I'm in Sacramento, CA and planning on driving down through Mexico and across to Antigua, Guatemala to study Spanish full-time for 6+ months. I'm taking Mr. Peabody with me, who is well-traveled and loves adventure.

We will not be leaving until late July. Please let me know of any tips/advice you have as you make your journey.

Best of luck!

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Hi Marie,

I'm planning to drive down to Guatemala to visit a friend in a town called "Chiquimula". Just wondering how your drive went overall...any tips.....


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Hey cwg38...did you ever leave to Costa Rica? If so, how's it going? I'm thinking about becoming an expat too....