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The Quickest Route through Honduras

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Howdy Ya'll!
I'm in Nicaragua and have to be in Santa Cruz de Quiche by Friday....

This means that I have to boot it like mad north (OK... I will have to stop and check a few things out... but it's going to be a quick run - that is... Central American quick.....)

To avoid extra borders I'm trying to boot through Los Manos at the Nicaragua/Honduras boarder and cross close to Copan in Guatemala. Is there a better route? Are there roads I should avoid and a manner to do so? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

BTW - Playa Gigante in Nicaragua is the bomb. Been surfing, fishing and bloody hell doing nothing on close to nothing for 6 weeks. Sad to have to boot.


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Lots of people like Las Manos

Lots of people like Las Manos -- hope to hear more about the trip!