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Shipping Your Car

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I have received a lot of good information from an agent that specializes in shipping cars from central america to south america!

From Panama you can find many alternatives:

Ro/Ro Option [Roll on Roll off]

Frequency: Each 15 - 20 days appx.
Guayaquil, Ecuador Transti Time 4-5 days ppx.
Cartagena, Colombia Transit Time 1-2 days appx.
Prices are weight/measures
Cartagena: Around Usd.55.00 w/m
Ecuador: Around Usd.65.00 w/m

Container Services

Frequency: Every Week
Guayaquil, Ecuador: 4-5 days appx.
Cartagena, Colombia : 1-2 days appx.

With this service you have two options:

a) Share a 40' HC container (Two Cars) Everything include in Panama
Usd. 950.00 x car

b) Use a 20' Container (One Car): Estimate Usd. 1,250.00

Vehicle must fit the dimensions of a container:

40' 12 mts L / 2. 35 mts W / 2.70 mts H
20' 6 mts L / 2.35 mts W / 2.35 mts H

Process For a tourist export in Panama you need:

1. Police Permission: A Physical inspection is involved, you need to
visit two departments with the police. Normally take 5-6 hours, available only in Panama City.

2. Customs persmission: Before goint to the port, you need to go to the customs office (Port area) to get the export permission (You will need to show the police permission for this)

3. Deliver unit at the port.

Normally you need 2-3 WORKING DAYS before the sailing.

Any other question, please feel free to contact me.

Evelyn N. Batista E.
Sales Supervisor
Wilhelmsen Ship Service - Panama

Panama Office Address:
Balboa Avenue with Aquilino de la Guardia Street
Galerias Balboa Building
Second Floor, Suite 35
Phone: +507 263-7755 / 223-1031
Fax: +507 223-0698


If you do use their services please let us know your story.