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driving to Nicaragua in Feb. 2010'

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I am moving to Nicaragua in mid-late Feb. Looking for caravan or someone going that way that wants to share expenses...not in a hurry and flexable, driving a Ford F350 4x w/camper shell. Plan is to cross at Nogales and take west coast route, but that is also flex.
Contact @ skaboots@hotmail.com

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robert_ (not verified)

post up some pics of your rig

post up some pics of your rig when you get a chance!

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driving to panama may 1 2010

I know it's a little far away, but just wanted to ask you if you are getting a lot of people telling you not to drive, but to fly. My husband and I want to make this trip and enjoy ourselves, but all i hear is horror stories and everyone keeps telling me I will be victim to horrible crimes. I keep trying to tell them that people do this all the time.

We're driving to Panama from either TX or CA more for leisure. It would be nice to find jobs and move down there, but we'll settle for the adventure for now. We've never done anything like this before, so it's natural to feel anxious but everyone is making me a little nervous!


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About the crime: Look sharp,

About the crime:

Look sharp, don't stop for "maybe they're cops" (you'll know if they are) hell don't stop for cops w/o a car there, again, a uniform isn't anything you can't find on ebay, but DO STOP for people with guns. Pretty simple. Show paperwork, smile, enjoy yourself. Most of the corruption is b/c people get in a hurry. If they want to look through your stuff, let them. (watch them, too). But if they understand that you're not just going to start coughing up $$, you're probably OK. Put your cash in your sock when possible. Keep some easy money accessible. For a sticky situation, a couple of $5 bills at the read in the car door could get you moving chop-chop.

Now, heavy-duty crime? Pretty unlikely. Just talk to people, especially bus and big truck drivers. They know. DO NOT listen to locals telling crime stories about "the next town over". They don't drive, they don't know.