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Selling a Vehicle in Costa Rica

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Yo All Mighty informed Travellers!

Made it down to Costa Rica and I'm thinking about trying to sell the truck and camper I came with, but don't have a clue about selling - I won't sell unless I can avoid the crazy tax - I've got nothing in my passport in Costa about the vehicle (just the entry stamp - unlike every other country, they did not stamp in the passport that I entered with a vehicle) - is this good news? Can I avoid the crazy 200% or something tax? (This would be amazing news and would mean that my travels will last WAY longer than planned).

Would love the info.


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yes, YOU can avoid the tax,

yes, YOU can avoid the tax, but whoever buys it must pay it. it's good for "on the sly" sales. Best places are off the beaten path, keep asking everyone you meet! Expats along the coastal tiny towns are often good.

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I got pulled over by a cop in

I got pulled over by a cop in Jaco who wanted to buy my truck. That was the only reason he pulled me over, and he let me go with a smile when I told him I didn't want to walk home from there. The police would probably be good at helping you avoid taxes as well...