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It's not that dangerous

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With all the talk in the media of what is dangerous, sometimes it's easy to overlook what is NOT dangerous.

Forbes Traveler published an article about "not-so-dangerous" places. It give the rah rah treatment to some places that lots of people might have forgotten about.


Of course, things change all the time, and you'd be wise to keep up with changing political climates.

One tool to do this is from ASI group. http://www.asigroup.com/HOTSPOTS.asp

ASI monitors events occurring in areas of the world in which a client may have interests, expatriates living, or may travel to. Sign up for email updates and ASI will contact you if unfolding events or natural disasters may compromise safety. Cool!

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Travel to Panama

I tried to write a blog but could not figure out how to post it.
Looking for anyone interested in making the trip to Panama next summer to caravan with.
I'm fluent in spanish and since I lived in Panama most of my life can provide contacts once we get down there. Can this be posted on your site. Thanks!!

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robert_ (not verified)

send me email at

send me email at robertdjung@gmail.com and let me know what happened. yeah we can set you up a blog easy.

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I've got a group of four plus a couple of dogs that are going to make the trip beginning in mid-march 2010. We are going to continue through Panama - around the Dairen Gap - and ultimately make out way down into Tierra del Fuego. I don't see why we couldn't drop you in Panama. Get back to me if you are interested

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Caravan to Costa Rica Mid March

Hi.. Patti

I am planning on driving my car with 2 cats to Costa Rica to stay for a few months.. Have never driven south of the USA border and would love to caravan. I hope to find a companion but just started looking. I have a low milage Honda Element.