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Honduras and El Salvador... Looking for advice...

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Currently on an awesome trip through Central America (starting from Toronto Canada) and we're getting ready to boot through El Salvador and Honduras and are a wee bit sketched out about the current situations (flooding in El Salvador and the politics in Honduras).

Looking for any advice about travel that you folks might have knowledge about (as well as any possibility of taking the truck onto a boat from El Salvador to Nicaragua?)


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Honduras was my favorite

Honduras was my favorite country. From what i understand about the political climate, the honduran government is on the side of law and order and democracy. It was the former president who tried to rig an election and stage an end-around the constitutional requirements.

If people aren't shooting and marching in the streets, you'll be fine.

I have put my truck on ferries several times in several countries and it was always fun and a nice break. Unfortunately i am not farmiliar with this particlular one. Most ferries will be described by the city they go to or leave from. If you give me that info i will try to find out some facts for you.


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why not just drive it?

why not just drive it?

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We're hanging with friends in

We're hanging with friends in Santa Cruz del Quiche and we have decided to just drive it - everyone says that the situation in Honduras is fine for travelers and that it's absolutely awesome and so far the info we've found for El Salvador shows that most of the heavy damage is more in the interior, so we'll giver 'er a go on the coast. Though before we leave here we gotta get the brakes checked... those hills are killer! (had the foot to the floor and I was not coming to a complete halt... not good when ya gotta contend with the bus drivers!)


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aha! you were worried too

aha! you were worried too about the flooding damage! (how easy we forget once back in the states!)

Were you there during the flood?

Yeah honestly I loved Honduras except for the border to get in.

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If you cross at El Amatillo,

If you cross at El Amatillo, be prepared for hassles. Worst border in central America.

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Yeah... everyone that I've

Yeah... everyone that I've talked to says that the border into Honduras is a huge hassle - just a plain pain in the arse... I've got a friend who gave us some offical looking stickers from the Guatemalen and German Govt that I've put on the vehicle, plus my wife and I are going to dress up to the nines - wear some crosses and tell people that we're working for our church... (in a sense we kinda are - as we are doing some volunteer work too).

Which border crossing from El Salvador do ya'll think is the best? We're still in Guatemala and will be staying at a free RV park in Antiuga (sweet! hanging with the local police!) to get a little better at our spanish - but still know little about the flooding besides that it did loads of damage to the Panamerican hwy in the interior...

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I reside in El Salvador

Today is a holiday..Semana Santa..Jueves Santo..so if you require more information send me a message. I am resident of Central America and a bit in Mexico since late 1985 to present. Saludos


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