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Taxation of gear entering Panama? - Help/Ideas?

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We are traveling into Panama where we own property and would like to bring some equipment, surfboards and a 5th wheel. We may also be even bringing in some solar equipment to use at the property, a generator and other items. How thorough is the itemization at the border and if we are planning on leaving items, including the trailer which of them are taxable? Some new and some old gear. Does anyone know the ropes on what we can avoid duties on by driving in? We are trying to determine if it will be cheaper if we drive than if we ship. Thank you so much for your help.

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so long as you tell them that

so long as you tell them that the gear will be leaving the country, you should be pretty good. It's the vehicles that they put on your passport and you must show that you leave with them, or register them in the country. That can get pricey i've heard.