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Mexico to Panama surf trip - driving advice?

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SO many people on here cruising Central America!! I can't wait to work through all the advice and experiences. In the meantime....

I've got 4 months and want to drive north to south, primarily surfing. First potential problem - we're Brits and want to buy a car, thinking the USA might be the best option to buy (we can't speak Spanish, yet), then re-sell it in Panama and fly home from there. Am aware there will be some red tape issues, with buying a car in the States (as foreigners), papers/insurance into CA, re-selling at the end of the trip - any thoughts on cunning ways to minimise this?

Also, wondering what the general feeling was about crime in CA. Do we need to worry much about the car being broken into, surfboards being nicked etc etc?

Any and all other advice will be devoured gratefully!

Happy driving

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At night, yeah you'll need to

At night, yeah you'll need to take your boards inside. But it really just matters on where you're at. A lot of latin america is thefts of convenience. Don't make it easy, but don't worry about armour plating. There's usually a secure option somewhere.

I don't know about buying a car as a foreigner... You may need to get a USA license .. but that's your best bet to get a good deal on a car.

Welcome to the site! I look forward to hearing more questions, and let us know when you find out info!

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I used this locking rack for

I used this locking rack for my surfboards: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00120MXNY

I usually just left them on the truck, but I was also careful where I parked since I also had tons of fishing and camping stuff. I never had a problem.