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Driving from Denver CO to Costa Rica

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Hi- Im planning a trip to drive to Costa Rica in Feb. of this year. I plan on traveling with my daughter who will be 16 months at the time. My husband is from Costa Rica. So we wanted to drive there to have a truck also so we can surf the whole pacific coast. Just wondering if you all have any suggestions to the best book to buy for our trip the best route and just the NEED TO KNOWS!
I would like any info anyone can give me. If you have drove there in the past year please email me your story or your advice. I just want to be fully prepared to drive there.
Also how long do you think it will take? We are not going to drive at night.
Also i wanted to bring my yellow lab dog since i will not have anyone to watch her.. what do you think about that? I heard El Savador is a pain to get through with a dog? Hotels and so on?
so if anyone had gone and has some advice to give a a first timer let me know!
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There are some good comments

There are some good comments on here about travelling with dogs. There is certain paperwork that your Vet will need to fill out, and you'll need to get it stamped at the borders. You may need it, you may not. Another easier way would be to just walk you and your dog through the border on a leash and keep away while they inspect your car......

But yes just go see your vet and they'll know which USDA form you'll need.