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Toronto to Alaska To Northwest Territories to PANAMA

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First off, Gotta hand it to you guys - this site is awesome!

Got married in June and am currently on a year long travel in a small Mazda 4X4 pickup with a small truck camper getting geared up to try to make it to Panama via Baja (using the ferry) as long as the vehicle holds out and we don't run out of cash....

I saw a misc. posting on another site about some dude who had to fork out $900 at the Mexican boarder because he did not carry a title for the truck camper - Just curious if anybody knows if that is a persistent issue...

We can't wait to experience Central America (and the west coast of the States too! - we're currently in Victoria on Vancouver Island) - love all the posts and can't wait to surf, swim, climb, fish, eat tacos and drink beer!

Also curious if most of the gated parking that people found have height issues as our truck (aptly named "La Babosa") is about 12' high (we've got a carrier and two sit-on-top kayaks as well).

We're also looking for others along the way that may want to do some caravaning.

Any info is welcome!



Currently in Mazatlan - kinda nice - super hot - had a pretty intensive rainstorm this morning. We are currently in a small RV park just north of the city at a place called Cerrritos.

Any advice on booting further? We're looking for free or next to free lodging (parking spots) - we've had absolutely no dodgy situations and are going to do a tour of a timeshare tomorrow for some free food and tickets to the aquarium (and supposedly $15 - I guess we look acceptable). Would love some info!

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