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Special Plates for your car

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Got this message today:


Hi Robert im thinking to travel from Florida to Ecuador by my self i have a mini van dodge grand caravan 97, so i need to know all those countries Mexico. Nicaragua, guatemal, honduras etc etc when you traveling in your car do you need a special licensed plate or what, please explain it to me .


Answer: no need for a special plate. You will need your vehicle's title. At each border you will go through immigration (for you) and Customs (for your car).

You'll have to pay a fee to enter and get a permit. Only Mex and Belize require car insurance.

When you leave the country, you'll get those permits cancelled.

However if you're driving back through those countries on a return route, you might just wait until you leave the country on your way out to cancel the permit. Just note how long the permits are for so you don't over-stay your time.

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If you dont want to go it alone the whole way, let me know, Im looking for a ride from Mexico to Panama.