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In need for vehicle tips (US)

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We are two guys from Norway who is planning to drive from LA to Panama. We have one month holliday. The idea is to fly from Norway to LA, and buy a car there. The plan is to camp in the car most of the time, with an exception for when we stay in bigger cities, etc. My first question is if camping in central-america is safe? My second question is regarding the car. Do we need a 4x4? If not, would a car like Chrysler Grand Voyager (or simular mini-van) be a good choice? (I thought I would throw out the backseats so we could fit an matress i the back for sleeping arrangements.) What do you reacon is the lowest price for such a car which are in good enaugh condition to last for a month (at least) without major breakdowns? (Rust does'nt matter.)

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no need for 4x4 for almost

no need for 4x4 for almost everything you'll do. No worries. Yeah I'd get a big van type car if you plan to sleep in it. However, I will say that lots of hotels are cheap, but van travel is fun too.

Here's one: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sgv/cto/1379196959.html

$2700 for a van WITH A generator! That's awesome. And it's ugly, that's a big plus. ;)