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Straight shot USA - Nicaragua

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I am planning on doing USA to Nicaragua as fast as possible leaving the States the first or 2nd week in November '09. I did the same trip in '99. Plan is Mexico in 2-3 days, Guatemala 1 day, Honduras 1 day, and on to Nicaragua. Usually sleeping in the vehicle and paying an armed security guard for "vigilancia" or cheap hotels with secure parking.

Please let me know if you are looking to caravan at or around this time.

I will be driving a truck with a motorcycle in the bed and towing a car. I already have a co-pilot so am only interested in joining up with someone else who has their own transport. I have realized that there are quite a few new requirements for the transmigrante going through Mexico. I am willing to share my knowledge as I secure the transmigrante/aduanas paperwork and properly declare exportation of the vehicles with US Customs. If paperwork is done together we may be able to reduce some costs.

Just over 30yrs old, lived 5 years in Latin America, speak fluent Spanish, and try to do things as legal, safely, and smart as possible.

If your interested please let me know. If you think you have advice for me please let me know as well. I only just found the site but will be gleaning as much info as possible from it in the next few days.



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Just out of curiosity (we're driving north from a trip down to Costa Rica) - what was your route through Honduras - we want to get through in one day if possible, as Honduras (so far... knock on wood) is the only country that we were harrassed by officials. Would love the info!