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Driving to Argentina.... Advice?

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A buddy of mine and myself will be leaving the first of Oct heading south from Phoenix. I've travel pretty much all of Mexico except the Yucatan all via car. Never brought mine own, we've always rented, this time I'm I"ll be taking my 2000 Pontiac grandam. I'm interested in doing some caravanning or maybe even adding some travel partners to help with the cost. If you will be traveling during that time hit me up. What advice do you have for me??? Thanks

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How long you going for?

How long you going for?

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We really only have about 78

We really only have about 78 days or so. I really want to see as much as possible, but am expecting to be pressed for time.

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Dirceu (not verified)

Traveling to Argentina and Brazil from Tucson

I'm planning to leave anytime from Tucson to Argentina.
I'll be able to wait until September. I'll be driving
a Toyota Tacoma. I speak Spanish as well Portuguese.
Let me know if your scheduled is flexible.

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Thats awesome send me your

Thats awesome send me your number and I'll give you a call. steeleblair@gmail.com
How long are you planning on traveling?

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78 days is pretty short to

78 days is pretty short to enjoy a trip to argentina. We took 3 months just to get to Panama. Of course that includes stops and spending time in places. You could do it faster, but you lose the "decompression". I'd strongly encourage you to go just to panama. Plus, you'll be spending a lot of time in the shipping ports to get the car shipped past the Darien Gap in panama, potentially more than a week just for that.

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chavez (not verified)

Travel to Peru from San Diego

Hi Nino,
Just curious when you plan to enter Panama? I hope to arrive in Peru by October, leave early/mid September. Maybe I can join you part way.


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Anonymous (not verified)

In brownsville pulling out in two days

Hey Nino have you left yet? We, 2 of us, are leavig Brownsville to C/R in two days! How is your trip progressing?

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i'm down to join...

what up fellas,

i just stumbled upon this site and have to say that this driving adventure sounds incredible, especially in terms of bang for your buck. I'm a recent college grad looking to travel and am definitely interested in joining you guys or anyone else. (I know somone mentioned sept/oct. which would work out perfectly for me) I'm more than happy to split costs, driving and whatever else you deem appropriate. Oh, and probably the most important part is that i'm a pretty sweet dude, very chill and most of all: sane. I speak fluent spanish (studied it in college) so hopefully that'll help.

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chavez (not verified)

trip to south america

I am planning a trip to Peru. I'd love to join you at least to Panama or Columbia, but I have hopes to arrive in Peru by October and leave by mid-September. My last option will be to fly.

My friend is from Argentina. Him and his friends made a trip thru the Amazon on their way up to Venezuela. I forgot how long it took them. He has some stories. But it was his most memorable trip he has ever taken.

Good luck....sounds like a lot of fun.

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paul marchant (not verified)

south america

I did it in a honda civic in the late 90's . from phx. I avoid the darien gap and the mess in central america and went straight to Florida. shipped the car to columbia (around a grand). I found out that it is much cheaper to ship to Venezuela but the car is on the ship deck and not in a container (about $300.. we drove around for 9 months. All the way to the bottom and then back up the other side so if you have any questions shoot me a line. i am in Gilbert. pmvgamundo@aol.com

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Your trip sounds amazing. Im looking to set off from seattle to argentina. I'm looking for information regarding the paper/visas I might need to make this possibel. Could you lend me some help? Also, how did you avoid the darrian gap? by shiping your car from panama to colombia? Thanks: Skye thedudedotcom@yahoo.com

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Matt (not verified)

Road Trip

Hello my friend I am in brownsville getting ready to make the communte to costa rica. You intested in starting a caravan? We are leaving in a couple of dayss?

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CR and counting!

Hey dudes - I'm into some caravaning - going to be heading towards Mexico city in a couple of days (after visiting Tequila and sampling some wares) - Let me know if any of ya'll want to hook up - I'm on the west coast in Mazatlan and am ready to start booting it towards CR.