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Hi everyone,

I'm working on bringing back the "thanks" function that we previously had. In addition, I'm going to add a bunch of other options. I need your input.

Convert "thanks" to basically two different options. 1) give this user thanks (like before and it will show up on their profile) and 2) "tag this as really useful" info - where the post will go into some kind of list where I can review it and decide if it should go into some kind of "best of" posts.
Does that sound good, or just stop with the first one and forget about the second?

option to mark posts, like bookmarks, and it will save them in your account file. So you can mark a post and then in your account you see a list of all marked posts.

That could be expanded to many options, like, 1) read later 2) trip info 3) cool destination info 4) vehicle info ... I'm open to tags that we could add.. That way you can tag a post, and go back later to your "bookmarks" folder here on the site and see the posts.

any feedback on this? just kicking around ideas at the moment