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leaving Pickup in panama

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We are driving to Panama in early march in a 1978 dodge D-50 and are going to fly home from Panama City. We want to leave the truck there-just give it to somebody. I have heard that they will stamp my passport at the border and will have 90 days to get the pickup out of the country. Has anybody done this? Will they let me out of the country at the airport? Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. Kurt

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They will stamp the passport. If you just want to leave it, fly out of costa rica. They don't stamp the passport.

You may be able to fly out with the truck, but they'll never let you back in again with that passport i'm guessing. Of course, if you get a new passport, with a new number, that might clear up the problem.

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Thanks, Robert

I wonder if I could scrap it at a junkyard and get a reciept to be able to leave it? My passport expires this year and will get a new one. Do you know if the number would be the same? Thanks, Kurt

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The number will not be the same when you get a new passport.

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Well guys, we found out that

Well guys, we found out that every country we entered stamps your passport for emmigration when you enter. The ADUANA (imports) stamps your passport as well when you get the auto permit. Therefore every country we entered (Belize was the only one we skipped) stamped the passport and has a record of when you brought the vehicle into the country and all stamped when you exited (they take back the permit paper work as well).