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anyone cross into S.A ??? by car yet

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hi guys i am canadian and wanted to drive into south america
anyone here done it and how get my car over into south america,

i would like the safest route and the cheapest way, don't really care what
country i end up in south america aslone as its safe

thanks for any one that has experience

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yes, you can do it via a ship. the safest is using a container. go to the harbor in panama (or wherever you want to ship from) and get ahold of a customs broker. they'll put your car in a container and ship it.

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Just curious if you got any

Just curious if you got any further info on the costs of shipping your vehicle? If so, what kind of car are you taking? Just looking for similar info & trying to get ballpark figures. I read elsewhere on this site that it may be cheaper/more convenient to ship the car from Costa Rica & then just meet your car in Columbia, just FYI in case you missed it, might be worth looking into. Cheers!

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yeah i found out cost can

yeah i found out cost can very from $880 to $1200 depending on you
share a container or not, Panama to Columbia.