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Leaving from San Diego to Argentina, Brazil, etc by AstroVan

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Myself and my Mexican buddie have planned a trip starting in June for taking a van to Brazil and flying through it. We both live in San Diego, I am white, and my Mexican friend Eric moved here from Mexico City in 2001. The trip has no end time, but we are assuming we should run out of money around Decemberish when we are in Rio de Janeiro and fly back. Here is the plan if you are interested.

-Purchased van in TJ, spend money on suspension, new hoses, safety, etc.
-take toll roads to Mexico City, stay for a week or so with Eric's family
-drive through Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras
-Chill in Costa Rica for a week (or more), preferably at the beaches
-Drive to Colon, Panama to ship van to Cartagena, Colombia
-wait for van in Cartagena, spend next night in Baranquilla
-Drive to Maracaibo, Venezuela- stay for week (hopefully with buddies)
-Drive to Bogota, Colombia, stay for night or so
-Drive through Peru, hike up Macchu Piccu near Cuzco (days)
-Take our time driving through Chile, stop in Santiago
-Drive to Buenos Aires, stay for a long while (month?)- Enjoy Futbol, etc.
-Drive through Uruguay, stop in montevideo for a few days
-Finish off in Brazil, spend about 2 months between Sao Paolo & Rio de Janeiro

We leaving for this trip in June, only serious people reply cause we dont deal with flakes. Trip minimum expenses will be $4000, even with the split, but the additional person makes it cheaper. We arent afraid of drugs, but arent going on this trip to look for drugs. We are down there to meet real people (esp. locals) and not see the super touristy shit. We are going to keep it on the cheaps, and on the real. Both females and dudes will be considered.

Also, Spanish is Erics first language and my second, so that shouldnt be a problem except in Brasil.

[email]thechrispainter@gmail.com[/email] if you are interested, and tell us about yourself, send us a link to a myspace or something stupid or send us a picture.


Chris and Eric, South American Warriors

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You guys sounds like you'll have fun. Only suggestion: more money more money!

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I'll be taking about $3k for spending, any more than $500/mo for spending we would be doing touristy bullshit. On top of the spending money will be necessary travel money for gas, shipping the car over the Darrien Gap, toll roads, van, plane tickets, visas, bribes, etc. The total trip will cost me around $8,000 and last 5-6 months.

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ah, nice.. i thought that included that gas budget!

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Did you ever hear of the 'sprachreisen' that a lot of organizations plan for you and that you only have to pay that everything will be arranged? My friend actually planned that trip, but after I found out about Buenos Aires she decided to be a volunteer overseas in Argentina. I told her that she will not only helping people, but she is giving herself an opportunity to learn a lot and get experience. I hope it will definitely be nice a trip for her! Im just glad to share what i discover on Buenos Aires!