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7-10 days to Panama?

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Boscia (not verified)

Car Rental

I am also very curious about this - I was hoping to fly into Guatamala, rent a car and drive down to Costa Rica for a friends wedding, then back up to Guat. Let me know if you are successful at finding a company that allows this.

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Anya Spielberg (not verified)

I'm driving with my 11 year old and cats to Boquete from Miami

Anyone want to join me in my car or as caravan from southern state to Panama, departing mid-March? I live in Panama part time but want to get my car down there. Would feel safer traveling with others. Let me know.

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best of luck! FYI you may

best of luck! FYI you may wish to post a completely new message so that anyone can see it easily.

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Sonja (not verified)

Caravan to Central America

Hi Anya...

I am now planning a trip to Costa Rica no date set in stone but shooting for mid to late March. Would love to Caravan. I have never driven south of USA Border... I need to take my car so am looking also for a driving companion.. and would love a Spanish Speaker.