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Mexico closes for New Years Day

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For our ten-year anniversary we decided to travel the Ruta Rio Bec, a stretch of highway north of the Mexico-Guatemala border between Chetumal in Quintana Roo and Escarcega in Campeche. We flew in to Cancun, usually do since it is so very cheap from Minneapolis (less than $200 round-trip), rented a car and headed south. Our anniversary night, New Years Eve, we stayed on the coast a bit south of Tulum.

The next morning we left Riviera Maya for real Mexico and aside from a gas station in Felipe Carillo Puertos everything else was closed for a couple of days. The station attendant explained this was because it was a holiday. We loaded up with chili con queso cheesy poofs, because we love them and continued on. To add, the farther we travelled, the less there was; towns, people, Pemex stations, even animals. At least our hotel, which was in the middle of nowhere and bordering a biosphere, could provide us with nourishment, they did afterall advertise to having a bar and restaurant on-site. Well we made it the hotel, nice enough place and the bar was open! But, their version of a restaurant consisted of serving meals at three times each day, which we somehow managed missed both days we were there.

Well, we had chili con queso cheesy poofs, the bar had beer, and we were on the road less travelled in Mexico. We lived on beer and cheesy poofs for about three days and the trip was great! For more details check out our travel blog: [url]www.mytb.org/Albert-Webb[/url]