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Getting lost was best day

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On our second day in Mexico, while leaving Tampico my navigator missed a turn, or at least I blame it on my navigator as I was busy staying between the lines.

As time passed I started seeing signs with mileages for Mexico City. At this time I ask my navigator to check and make sure we were on the right road. He insisted that we were on the right road.
We were using only a highway map which I had gotten at the AAA office which was not very go
od and had very little detail. Finally I saw a large gas station, stopped and went in and bought a good Mexican map. Upon leaving the store, I ask the first local I found as to where we were on the map. Low and behold we were about 70 miles off route and indeed heading for Mexico City.

The local showed me the best way to get back to the coast highway and we headed off knowing that there would be no way we would make it to Veracruz for that night. Getting out the Mexican travel book we started to look for an alternative destination for the night.

At the end of the day we found a small town on the Gulf of Mexico “Tecolutia” which was the nicest town we stayed in on the whole trip south. The drive getting back to the coast highway was great and we saw cities completely different form those on the main road. After accepting that we would not make our planned destination, it turned out to be the best day.

A couple of lessons can taken for this experience 1) Make sure you have good maps and 2) Getting lost may not be the worst thing that could happen, and it reminds me of what someone told me years ago in Peru “Don’t take the trip, let the trip take you”. Pura Vida

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sounds like a cool place! how was the food?