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El Salvador, Ruta de las Flores

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You can get here by bus, but you mostly miss out on the experience because you just have to stop every few Ks to see everything. The Ruta de las Flores is a highway that passes cool colonial towns in a big coffee planting area about an hour west of San Salvador.

There is a gastronomy festival in Juayua every weekend that is great fun. Hundreds of different kinds of food vendors set up stalls around the central park, and bands play in the main plaza. Lots of good hiking in the area.

Ataco a bit further up the road is a beautiful and low key colonial town that is good for a wander. There are some really cool hotels set up in the middle of coffee plantations in between Ataco and Apaneca that are peaceful places to hang out.

You can stop at lots of viewpoints along the highway, and there are people selling beautiful furniture, honey, and fruit that also make good stops.