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Well now that we've purchased our rugged mode of transport (Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser), there are about 11 months remaining to get her ready for the trip.

Anyways... aside from taking a 12V compressor, full sized spare tire and a patch kit, are there any other ways to prepare for tire problems? Also, I have been trying to select a brand that is widely distributed in Central America. Goodyear, Firestone, Michelin, other ???

Any thoughts on tires in general would be appreciated.

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There are tire repair shops every 5 miles or so just about everywhere in Central America. The locals generally have ratty old bald tires even on 4WD rigs. People have been much impressed with my BF Goodrich all terrains - its actually been a conversation starter. Not sure what if any major brand of tire would be available outside of large cities.

Its a good idea to get locking wheel lugs if you have good tires. Based on the interest they've drawn, they might have disappeared if I didn't have the locking lugs.

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I would recommend taking some 'Fix-A-Flat'. A patch kit is a great thing, but depending on the type/size of hole you get in the tire it just might be a lot more convient and easy to use a can of it.