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wahh whooo! gonna sell my home and drive to central america!!

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I am from BC Canada
I have plans to put my home on the market in a few weeks and go!
kids are grown....just me and the dog now!
I am taking my 14 year old Dalmation with me....any advice on crossing the borders with a dog?
Has anyone decided to live there.

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I think the 99daystopanama people have some good info on the dog issues -- but i know you can do it. Probably just need a health certificate.

Best of luck! Take your time on the drive, and when you drive through Texas make sure to eat lots of Barbeque.

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No wife? No girlfriend? lol just playing around with ya. Even if you don't take a traveling companion with you other than your dog, you are sure to find a lot of latin american women that will want to keep you company.

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Hi I'm from BC too and in South America, driving around with girlfriend and cat.

Crossing borders with a little kitty is easy as she hides under the seat. The only people who I've read about doing it with their dog said that it was the best thing they ever did. Apparently the borders caused them little or no trouble with doggy, and the security and peace of mind aspect was a huge advantage. Just don't leave him in the car with the windows up!

My advice would be to get removable bars w/bug screens made up for your windows, so that you can leave the dog in the car sometimes and he won't die. Dog will be great for crossing borders in fact... I'd hate to do it alone and have to leave my car out of sight at one of those borders while going in to do the paperwork...

Are you planning on continuing South past the Darien gap? If so I have lots of advice, it's not so hard.

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I am said girlfriend mentioned above ^^

We did some research on taking animals through borders before we left Canada since we were originally planning on taking a dog with us.
For taking a dog into the US it can only be brought in unvaccinated if it comes from a rabies free country. Apparently Canada is not considered a rabies free country, but I'd try and contact [URL=http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dq/animal.htm]these guys[/URL] before leaving to see if that's still the case. Otherwise a certificate of good health is not officially required but apparently may be needed to enter certain states. I'd get one anyways, just in case.

As for everywhere else all that's required is a rabies vaccination. If you are able to I'd recommend waiting until you get into Mexico because rumor has it the rabies shots there are free (or at least cheap.)
I wouldn't worry too much, though. Noone ever looks in your car going through latin american borders, and certainly noone cares enough to really consider checking for animal paperwork. The only one I'd be too concerned about is getting into the US.

Good luck!

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Doggy Treats

Well bringing pets in travels can sometimes be a good thing, as they can keep you company. As long as they have proper papers it shouldn't be a big issue.

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For what its worth, I was asked if I had pets in Honduras and Panama. I didn't have them so no idea what would happen if i said yes. Might be like the first produce checkpoint I got stopped at in Sonora.

Officer: Frutas?
atg200: Si, yo tengo naranjas.
Officer: Bueno, Adios!