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I will be driving to Costa Rica at the first of the year for the winter. I have not found an insurance company on the web where I can get a qoute on auto insurance south of Mexico. I have qoutes on Mexican Insurance and know that I can purchase it at the border. Does anyone have a suggestion as to on line site to get insurance qoute for Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua? Is the auto insurance of Costa Rica sold by the government, and does anyone know of site for qoutes?
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you don't need insurance anywhere but mex and belize. you can buy it at or near all the borders. For the other countries, I wouldn't bother getting it, since a) you don't need it, and b) no one cares. Everyone (actually, even in mexico) would rather settle on the spot and get the hell out of there. No one likes to get the cops involved.

I didn't even buy in mexico last time i was there. Yes, had I gotten in a wreck, and had the cops come, i wouldn't been hauled to jail until the judge could establish all faults. But no one wants that and therefore like i said, most poeple just settle on the spot.

good luck! how long will you be gone for?

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I plan on being south for about three months. Leaving in early January and returning before mid April. Plan on spending two and a half months in Costa Rica fishing and exploring. Will base on a western Pacific beach and explore from there. I am planning on eight days driving on the road from Brownsville, TX to Liberia, Costa Rica area. Also plan on taking a couple of break days in Nicaragua (Leon and Granada with maybe a baseball game in along the way) and maybe one day off in Mexico. Are there any cheap fishing opportunities along the Gulf coast of Mexico between Brownsville and Varacruz?
I have prevouisly traveled years ago by land (bus, train, hitchhiking) from Nogales, AZ to Panama City and have revisited Costa Rica three times since.
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