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Ice-availability in Central America?

Tcat Left 2
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Tcat Right 2
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Joined: Nov 13 2006

This may be a silly question but how's the availability of bagged/block ice in Central America? I can't decide whether I need to buy a DC powered cooler or not for my trip later this year.

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Joined: Oct 31 2006

I like the way you think.

First question: what's the ice for? Food, or beer?

If food, my suggestion is that you don't need it. Buy it, eat it, and you're done. Better even is that you can find cheap restaurants everywhere.

For beer?

In mexico, every time you buy beer at the beer store, (and, honestly, it's only a beer store) they will give you free ice.

After that, ice is very, very spotty. Belize has it, guatemala has little, and I really can't remember seeing much after that, until costa rica and panama.

But by that time we sold our cooler to a tour operator for 40 bucks, about what we paid for it. Apparently coolers are high demand for operators. FYI.

That's my experience, anyway. Anyone else?

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It falls in line...

The "spring breakers" not wanting to drink cantaminated water decided to drink only mixed drinks that had ice in it made of contaminated water.

Not only an issue of availibility but cleanliness. And as far as I know... "Dont Drink the Water!"

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Yeah... I ended up drinking the water in a lot of places. Honduras, some in Guate... Never a good idea, will probably make you feel "not so good'. :(