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USB drive with Firefox

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Last time I went travelling, I took a USB "stick" drive with me. This is really cool, and you should do this.

You can download "Firefox on a Stick" (google it) and install it on your USB drive. Then, you can get all your bookmarks, passwords, etc imported on to the drive with the software (very simple).

Now, you've got a copy of firefox that can run completely off the stick drive. You go to the internet cafe, plug in your USB stick, and viola! You've got your customized copy of Firefox right there.

I've also heard, i'm not sure of this, but heard -- that if you use the "autocomplete" thing to fill in your usernames and passwords for websites, that even if the cafe has a key-logger installed to spy on your passwords, it can't log the passwords since you didn't actually type it in.

For you that check email with Outlook, you can also get Thunderbird on a Stick, which is just like outlook, and free.