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Question for everyone-- re: Trip Journals

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Joined: Oct 31 2006

Just curious what people thought of the trip journals, and whether you'd actually read any of them or not. Not going to hurt my feelings if you haven't, just curious!

I'm cleaning up a lot of them, and I've found that I can go two divergent directions with our information -- more "nuts and bolts, how-to info" or more "this is what it feels like, this is what we did" information. Maybe there should be both, and separated into different sections. I'm unsure, and looking for suggestions.


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I personally like the trip journal and am planning to have one when I go on my trip. I like to read about everything but pay close attention to any information about border crossings, where to camp, places of interest, etc... I'm gonna try to set my site up like the Silkroute Motorcaravan site: [url]www.panam.org.uk[/url]. I like the format, easy to navigate. I also like that Stephen puts the GPS coordinates of the various places they go. Which GPS is a whole other subject in itself...