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Post all your good "off the beaten path" stories here. As you know (or are quickly realizing!) travelling by your own car is just a different experience than watching the country pass by through a bus window.

You can stop where you want, stay as long as you want, and eat where you want!

I really enjoyed eating at the little nondescript restaurants along the way. Places that weren't particularly great, but were different. Running out of a home, etc. Or stopping at the roadside stands for baskets, pineapples, or fireworks. Whatever works.

So whether it's a specific recomendation, or just a fun story, this is the place for them.

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I don't really have any stories myself, but I would hope that someone can post some here soon. I am really enjoying this site and I hope it can continue to grow so we can all learn more about the latin american countries and hear some cool experiences/stories as well.

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ceruleanjet123 (not verified)

I have not any stories for this but i am excited for some one new....

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post 'em up! :) we've got

post 'em up! :) we've got photo uploads working again!