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New ride -- a church van

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We're now scouring Texas for a good used church-type van for our next trip. You know the kind, the 16 passenger enormous things.

We had found and bought the Argosy, which is an awesome 1978 Airstream RV, but we moved too quickly on that idea... That RV is just too big for what we want to do. We prefer the manueverability of something smaller, and there's just a lot of places where an RV wouldn't be able to access.

So, it's on Craigslist (buy it!) and now the search is on for the van.

We'll probably take a row of seats out so we can use that area for storage. And tune it up good. So, that's the planning stage we're at now.

Wanting to go travelling? What's your ideal rig like?
Already been? What kind of car did you take, and how'd you outfit it?